Friday, 17 August 2012

You are not the only one

Everytime my thoughts wander to my fertility issues, I end up feeling so lonely and disheartened. Past few months have taken me to doctors much more often than I would have ever imagined. And everytime I have visited one of these fertility clinics, I have been amazed by the sheer number of people I find waiting there.

On one occasion, I couldnt help mention to the doctor how surprised I get everytime I see so many couples and some as young as 25-26 and this is just in the places that I personally visited, there are so many more clinics. I was reading in some newspaper report that in India almost 10 - 15% population gets affected due to fertility issues. On days when I get disheartened, I remind myself that I am not the only one, there are others who have gone through the same pain and have come out smiling and rejoicing the birth of their child !

Fertility problem is such a personal issue that couples find it difficult to even discuss with others in family. On multiple occasions when I have chatted up with others like me at one of the fertility clinics, I found many of them mentioning that they have not even told their mothers about it. Coming to think of it more, majority of this population is well educated, I wonder how do the people living in much smaller cities / towns deal with this issue. There are so many lower middle class people who have to face this problem and for them getting access to a good fertility expert in itself is a challenge. Add to it the exorbitant cost of fertility treatment! One of the fertility experts whom I met recently was telling me that people come to her from far-off places and when they are told that in order to take the treatment they might have to stay in the city for almost about a month; many say they just have barely enough money to stay for another couple of days or only enough to buy a return ticket to their hometown. It breaks my heart to think of all those couples who wish to have a child but do not have means to get good fertility treatment. Most of such people end up going to quacks and burning their money with no result at all (who knows it could increase their problems also).

I feel blessed to be living in a city where I have access to good medical facility. 
I am also thankful of having been born in an age and time where science has advanced so much that it can give people like me lot of hope. Availability of such advanced techniques and more importantly awareness was not even imaginable 25-30 years ago. 
I feel blessed to be capable of taking fertility treatment, it means I can still hope for my wish getting fulfilled.

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