Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thus starts my second IVF cycle

After unsuccessfully trying naturally for past 2 months, we decided that we should get onto our second IVF cycle at the earliest possible. After much deliberation, my husband and I decided to go to a different fertility clinic for our 2nd IVF try. We have been visiting this clinic and met the doctor multiple times for her to understand our history on this journey. 
Finally the time arrived for me to visit my doctor and let her evaluate on how my ovaries were doing and what is the protocol to follow which will give me best possible chance.

If you remember I had mentioned that I have low ovarian reserve and during 1st IVF cycle we did not see good results. My fertility expert decided not to give me high dosages of hormones as they would not make much of a difference on my low reserves. The best chance that I have is to stimulate whatever few follicles we see and hope to get eggs from them. And ofcourse with low dosage, I hope the side effects also are less.

She suggested that we should try soft protocol (in medical terms: KATO protocol / mild IVF / mini IVF). What happens in this protocol is that doctors use milder stimulation; which studies have shown can result in higher quality eggs.

We started the protocol which required me to take 150 iu of FSH hormone and clomid. 

On day 2 the baseline scan showed 5 average size & 2 small follicles on my left ovary And only 1 average size and 2 small follicles on right ovary.

A repeat scan after 5 days of stimulation showed that out of the 6 decent sized follicles atleast 4 were growing as desired. Doctor prescribed another 5 days of stimulation. Under normal cases I have heard that doctors stimulate only for 9 days starting from day 2 and on day13 do the egg retrieval. However in my case the doctor added one more day of stimulation because the follicles were showing slow growth.

In my previous IVF cycle, I had been taking the hormone shots in the morning. However, this time I took them at night. The doctor suggested taking them at night, maybe that way they are more effective! One point to keep in mind is that they should be given at almost the same time each day.

In my previous IVF cycle, I was told I have 3 follicles on each ovary; however by the end of stimulation the follicles on the right ovary were not growing as expected So the doctor could get viable follicles only on left ovary. So during egg retrieval, the possibility was from 3 follicles only.

This time was much better. Even though the right ovary had only 1 good looking follicle, this one was growing well And the 5 good sized follicles on left ovary were also growing well. So it seemed like 100% improvement this time :-)

After 10 days of stimulation, the scan showed that the follicles were reaching their optimum size. So I was prescribed Ovitrelle to be taken that night.

Eventually the day of egg retrieval approached. This is Day 14 of my cycle days. 
Pre-OT preparation went smoothly. The nurse was a gentle one and did not hurt me much with the pricks :-)
In all my time in OT was just about 45 mins, during which I was sedated and the doctor picked eggs from my follicles.
After recovering for an hour or two, I went to see the doctor and she told me that they got 6 oocyte out of which she is expecting that atleast 4 will be mature.

Can't explain how happy I feel. Compared to my 1st IVF cycle, this was such an improvement. I kept my fingers crossed for the best to happen this time.

While returning back, I was so happy that I told my husband that we should go out somewhere to eat. I also knew that next few weeks, I will be confined to home so make use of the opportunity while there is time :-)

I am expecting a call tomorrow from the embryologist on how my eggs have done.

Apprehensive / tensed / worried, all these words come to my mind about my state at this point in time.


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