Monday, 6 August 2012

Spending sometime in the kitchen

Now I must tell you that I am not at all a kitchen's person (if the only way to a man's heart was through his stomach; I would have failed miserably and would still have been single)

But off-late, I realized that I was getting more keen on wanting to experiment in the kitchen. This could be due to the fact that I have lots of time with me these days, having quit my job last month!

I have been avoiding talking to my friends / relatives for fear of the question "so do you have something new to share with us" 
Specially coming from "well-meaning" aunts / aged relatives; along with the advice that I should not delay it any further. I wish there was someone telling them that certain things happen only when (and if) they are meant to be. I have to control the strong urge of telling them to mind their business. 

So basically with nothing much to do with my time, I turned my attention to kitchen :-)
Have been experimenting with my microwave; so I am sure needs no guesses, have been doing some baking past few weeks. Tried cookies and puffs which surprisingly came pretty decent; and I couldn't help pat my back for it :-D. 
Tried baking honey & raisin cookies, masala cookies (these were yumm), orange cup cake, cheese knots.

On Saturday; tried chocolate brownie and it did not turn out to be as I expected it. Had little too much chocolate, which meant it didn't set as it should. Incidentally had a friend of ours visiting that same day and he is a person who has a sweet tooth; I was glad that he scooped up 2 large slices of the brownie (which was close to looking like double chocolate cake rather than a brownie)

Today baked 2 batches of butter cookies to give to my friends kids; I hope they like it.

Next on my radar is to try date&walnut cake and pineapple cake (eggless).

Someone once said cooking is a good stress buster. Had not quite believed it since it was not often that I entered kitchen until now. But now I too can vouch for this statement :-)

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