Saturday, 9 November 2013

The unexpected !!!

The unexpected happened!
My husband and I had been deliberating on trying one more round of IVF. However with my having gotten into a new job, I was struggling to find time for anything beyond work. Moreover I was not sure if I would be able to get 5-10days of leave at a stretch for the procedure.
However I knew that having a baby was a definite priority and I need to take the steps as early as possible. We went to meet our RE and asked her opinion. I had gone there with the view that if we can start the procedure in that particular cycle, we would go ahead (I was sure if I deliberated the decision, I would want to postpone it until next month). This was in the month of May. The doc completed the scan and did not have any encouraging news. There was a cyst on one of the ovaries. Which meant we would not see helpful results if we went ahead. She started me on DHEA and we decided to come back the next month. The next month my husband had some long travel plans and we thought it might get difficult if we were to start the procedure. So it eventually fell for the July cycle where we were ready to jump on the roller-coaster ride of a 3rd IVF try.
But nature had a surprise for me. I was late for my July period cycle. I am usually very regular and the initial 2-3 days delay I attributed to stress / medicines. I obviously started to get hopeful and did a HPT after about 6days of delay. And it came positive   It was unbelievable. I also went to the extent of speculating that the positive line could be due to DHEA. I decided to do the blood test after another 5 days of stopping the medicine. And the blood test also showed positive result.
It was such a beautiful feeling to know that I have been given another chance and that too without having to go through the IVF cycle.
We met my gynaecologist who suggested we do the viability scan at about 7weeks. The waiting time in between was tensed and I was trying to prepare myself for any kind of news.
The scan showed that the foetus had heartbeat!!!
Gynaecologist also confirmed that it seemed to be normal and alright for the weeks I was in. She prescribed progesterone & baby aspirin. My husband suddenly started to get overprotective of me J Started to drop me to office and pick me in evenings!
These are the times when you realize you are blessed and there is someone overlooking you and taking care of your wishes / wants! It has been such a humbling experience!
I am now at 20 weeks and everything seems to be going fine.
I did have to go through all the tests / scans considering my age and the risk I carry of being pregnant at this age. I keep praying everyday that it continues well.
I will try to post more regularly with the updates on my pregnancy.


  1. Mithya, my heartiest congratulations. My prayers are with you both. You will give many lots of hope.


    1. Thanks Manju, At this juncture I keep swinging between the feelings of fear & happiness!