Sunday, 10 November 2013

Thankful of the blessing showered on me!

The surreal feeling when I went through scanning.
The first scan at 7 weeks did not make much to me as at that point in time you cannot make much from the scan picture.
The scan at 12 weeks however was a different story all together. The doctor showed us baby's body parts. And I was able to clearly distinguish my baby's hands and the spine.
Just the thought that I have a human life growing inside me has given me an altogether new perspective to being a female.
There were many days in past when I thought I would not be able see this day in my lifetime. During all my visits to a doctor I would get to hear the same statement that it is due to age factor that I am not able to conceive. But today I feel thankful to destiny / nature / God that I have also been given this wonderful feeling of being pregnant.


  1. Heartiest Congratulations Mithya !!! Such a co-incidence (my athiest hubby said it was "a sign") I came across your profile on Fridays. I work from home on fridays which is nothing but keep reading about "infertility + age + obesity". I was telling my husband yesterday that I am not the only one to snap back...there are other gals who are on this journey doing the same ;) And today I was checking through older baby center posts for IVF and came across your profile again. I wasnt expecting any updates and was more like I just read this on Friday with the last post being in September. But I was so wrong....and was in for such a wonderful pleasant surprise. If like my husband said is a "sign" I just hope you send some baby dust my way :)

    Loads of wishes to you and your family. Take care and good luck.

    1. Thanks Dear, I do need all wishes for everything to go fine.

      And Lots and Lots of Baby Dust for you. Do not get disheartened. I believe in destiny and feel we get what we want at some point in time. What that time is something which gets governed by destiny!
      You take care.