Friday, 13 July 2012

A pleasant surprise

After the failed IVF and a refreshing vacation, I was ready to start my 2nd IVF try. My husband and I deliberated whether we should go back to the same place or should go to some other fertility center. We decided that we will go to a new place rather than doing a repeat at the same center. Since we were to go to a new place, I knew that I had to undergo most of the investigations again and was waiting for my period cycle to start so that I could begin with the required tests.

But this time the wait seemed longer than usual. I guessed it could be due to the super extra dose of hormones given during IVF cycle that is playing truant with my system and delaying the cycle. Scoured the internet to see if IVF can really cause a delay and most of my research pointed that in many cases IVF medication can cause some impact on one's normal cycles and it takes 1-2 months to get back to normal. 

After 3-4 days of wait, I decided to take a HPT. To my utter surprise it came positive! I could not believe my eyes at all. And this was not a dream. The HPT very clearly gave a positive result. I cannot describe the feeling that I experienced that morning. I wanted to sing and dance :-) I could not stop myself from clicking a picture of the HPT stick showing the positive line :-D

I had not mentioned to my husband that I intended to test myself for pregnancy (as it was the remotest of possibility). He was still sleeping when I did the test, so when I told he jumped off the bed :-D

We both were happy and apprehensive. Went to a lab to get hCG tested. The wait before the test results came were agonizing. I wanted to believe the HPT but did not want to jump to any conclusion before a more definitive results were there.

hCG levels were just as they should be for about 5-6 wks of gestation! So it did happen. I did get pregnant and got pregnant spontaneously not with any IVF support. Next day went to a gynecologist to seek her advice. Was prescribed susten and rest as much as possible to support the embryo. She said it does happen at times that after IVF, people can get pregnant spontaneously. She mentioned that a way to know if pregnancy was going well, the hCG level should be tested every 2-3 days to see if the levels are doubling. I got another hCG test done. When the results of this test came, we had our first disappointment. The hCG level had increased but only marginally; it had not doubled! I spoke with the doctor after the result and she said there could be 2 possibilities: Ectopic pregnancy OR Failing pregnancy.

The only way to rule out ectopic was to get a scan done. The scan results showed a invitro yolk sac. Glad that it was not ectopic; the scan also showed that the size of sac was not as per the gestation duration. The radiologist indicated that the chances were 60-40, with 60% being on the negative side of pregnancy not going through.

We were worried and upset. Got the happiness of knowing I was pregnant but the fear of loosing it was too much. I now let every thing to God's will. Took the required medicines, took as much rest as I could. Stopped going out completely. Wanted to give the pregnancy as much support as I could.

Unfortunately 3 days after the ultrasound, I started to bleed. End of it all :-( Had a miscarriage!

And just like that we were back to square one! 
It was not meant to be, however it has given me some hope that I can get pregnant. I just have to keep my faith in it and keep my hope alive.

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