Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Accepting the fact

It has not been very long since my marriage (to be precise 15months, 20days). Even before getting married; my partner and I had discussed that we definitely want to have children, if not 2 atleast 1. So as soon as we got married we started to try to get pregnant and did not get too worried when even after 4-5 months I did not conceive. Just before getting married I had taken up a new job, so I thought it is probably the stress of new job, stress of settling down in the married life, and stress due to so many changes coming into my life that is causing the delay. Soon I realized it is almost 8-9 months into our trying to conceive and the result still was a zilch. I knew my age is not on my side (I am already 39years) and I was now getting very desperate and worried. 

Started to find good gynecologists in the area and booked appointment with 2 of them. As always happens when you visit the doctor, there were a battery of tests that were recommended for us. I underwent all the test and got to know that my hormones are not on my side! 

Both the doctors had same verdict for us. Due to my age, IUI was not the best option and we were told to try IVF. Needless to say, it devastated us. My partner and I, both have more than 1 siblings and know that we have strong genes on both sides. My siblings have children and have not had any problem in getting pregnant; so it was extremely difficult for me to understand as to how can this be happening to me. It took us more than a week to gauge it fully.

As everyone says, as soon as you accept your fear (a shortcoming), you have won the battle. But we were no where reaching that stage. I kept looking at someone / something to put the blame on; but unfortunately this time there was nothing around on which I could point a finger!

I just had to accept the fact that I cannot get pregnant very easily. I had to accept that I have a long and difficult journey ahead!

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